72 Names of God Jewelry

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One of the fundamental aspects of Judaism, the Kabbalah, teaches about the Supreme and how the power of God works. It is the study of the connection between the physical and metaphysical worlds. Classified by many as “occult knowledge” this aspect of the Jewish faith is often associated with mysticism. According to Kabbalists (followers of the Kabbalistic way of life), God’s mystic ways can be understood with Kabbalah knowledge, thus strengthening the ultimate bond of faith.

Kabbalists use The Zohar, a book of mystical interpretations of the Torah, to understand the essence of God and to consolidate the connection with God. The Zohar is written in Hebrew and in Aramaic.

The 72 names of God, being an integral part of the Kabbalistic belief, is a popular motif in Kabbalah jewelry. It is believed to protect the wearer from harm and bestow physical, mental and spiritual peace.

What is the meaning of the 72 names of God?

The 72 Names of God are 72 three-letter anagrams in the Hebrew script that are given in The Bible (in the Book of Exodus). Together, these 72 Names are believed to yield exceptional powers, powers that can control mankind as well as Nature. According to the Book of Exodus, it is the power of the 72 Names that Moses drew upon for the miraculous parting of the Red Sea.

The poem Ana Bekoach, encodes the 72 Names of God, each of which is believed to beget a special blessing from God. Each of the 72 Hebrew Names of God resonates with a specific frequency. According to Kabbalists, it is possible to fortify the bond of God by reflecting and praying with these 72 Names of God. It helps in moving closer to peace and salvation and gives strength to deal with life.

72 Names of God Jewelry

Jewish jewelry often features the 72 Names of God theme. Originating from Judaic and Israeli cutures, Kabbalah jewelry has different meanings and purposes. Believed to be both potent and powerful, Kabbalah jewelry is often sported to showcase one’s Jewish identity as well as for overall protection from the Evil eye.

72 Names of God jewelry are highly popular with Kabbalists, with 72 Names of God pendants featuring at the top of the list. 72 Names of God jewelry are engraved with Hebrew letters that form the names as encoded in the Book of Exodus.

How to Select 72 Names of God Jewelry

People usually have their own preference when it comes to selecting jewelry of faith, so its best to go with a piece that speaks to you. The choice is always highly personal.

If you like pendants, wear a 72 Names of God pendant, which is available in a variety of styles, ranging from modern to traditional. When worn with a matching chain, it instantly draws attention to you. Being the piece of jewelry that’s worn closest to the heart, it also makes you feel closer to the Faith. Wearing Jewish jewelry with a symbol that protects you and strengthens your bond with God, is a firm declaration of your love for God.