Basic Information about Jewish Engagement Rings

As with any other culture in the world, engagement rings play a big role in Jewish marriages too. Some people always say that it is not the most expensive ring that matters when someone is truly in love but ask someone and they will tell you that one should try and find out the most special ring when it comes to engagement and marriage.

Jewish engagement rings and Jewish wedding rings are things that you can easily identify. If you are Jewish you will know these rings immediately. It is not mandatory for these engagement rings to have diamonds on them. Many people prefer rings that have some form or Jewish religion inscribed on them. For example, one may choose those engagement rings that have verses from the Torah inscribed on them. Ani L’Dodi rings are those engagement rings that have verses from the Bible. Some of the Jewish engagement rings are also known to contain the names of the man and woman who are getting engaged. These rings are deemed special too.

One of the most common engagement rings in Jewish engagements and marriages is the one that is designed with the Star of David. The design of the Star of David can be of different types. The entire ring may be designed to resemble the Star of David or it may form an embellishment on the ring. It may also form the centerpiece of the ring.

During the actual wedding ceremony, the most popular of the Jewish engagement rings is the Kabala Ring. This ring is conspicuous but its shape. It is square shaped on the outside and the square shape represents the home of the newly wed. The inside of the ring has a circular shape and this infinite circular shape represents the infinite nature of the whole institution of marriage.

Those that don’t mind spending a bit on their engagement rings also go for rings that have the colors of Israel – white and blue. The white part of the ring is formed by diamonds while the blue part of the ring is formed by sapphires. Of course, one can considerably reduce the cost of the ring when they use other stones instead of diamonds and sapphires. Another popular engagement ring is the one that is made of a combination of two different metals and hence, a two-colored look.

Jewish engagement rings and Jewish wedding rings indeed make an important part of any Jewish engagement and marriage. The best part of these rings is that there is no show-off associated with them. The real value of these engagement rings lies in their content – religion, culture and so on. If you really want that perfect Jewish engagement and marriage then you should always look for these rings.