Silver candle holders

Among the most sought after gift items is the lustrous white beauty of Silver candle holders. Admirers of art and creative expertise find it exponent in this widely used gift item. It is considered to be the ideal art piece for an evening party or wedding not to forget home decor. The interior of a stylishly furnished home always showcases bright and grand silver candle holders.

Commonly, candle holders come in multiple sizes and shapes catering to individual choices. They are given different finishes from antique style engraved silver to explicitly carved ones. Each and every piece is well fabricated and artistically carved. Normally antique silver candle holders display a matte look which enhances its ethnicity and makes it exclusive and precious.

Various materials are used in the making of an antique silver candle holder such as brass, glass, copper, gold, silver, bronze wire, iron and ceramic. Different finishes are applied to give an antique look like bronze finish, nickel finish, patina finish, lacquer finish, chromium plated and gold finish.

The following designs of antique candle holders are marketed worldwide:

  • Eiffel tower candle holders
  • African tribal sculpture
  • Antique finish hour glass shaped candle holder
  • Animal shaped Wall sconce

Sterling personalized silver candlestick holders are widely in demand all over the world. The contemporary designs of the Sterling silver candle holders make it easy to assort different designs to cater to individual tastes of customers. The uniqueness of the silver candle holders is the fact that it alone can light up and adorn a dinner table.

Found in a wide and stunning gamut, silver candle holders are made by using superior quality silver, brass, alloy etc. These candle holders comes in various forms which include

  • wall hangings
  • wall sconces
  • pillar holders
  • t-light holders
  • taper silver holders
  • votive holders

When one is looking for a perfect combination of leisure and relaxation there is nothing more romantic than candles. Silver candleholders are widely used for this purpose. A quiet evening and a poolside dinner can only be complete in an aesthetic sense with the aid of an exquisitely designed candle holder. Single stand candle holders adorn the tables of plush restaurants adding romanticism in the air.

Silver candle holders are exclusively marketed in Israel which is the home of great artisans. The designs that are seen on the candle holders used in royal mansions and five star, seven star properties are intricately woven and fashionably carved. The aura that it exhibits itself suggests gloss and grandeur. The personalized ones are more trendy and less complicated in its design. Yet the style is flawless and it makes its place very comfortably in the contemporary world of artifacts.