Jewish Jewelry

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Jewelry is a part of everyday attire. It represents social status. It is an adornment donned to enhance and embellish attractiveness. Jewish jewelry is not only ornamental but also reflects spiritual elements of Jewish tradition. Each of these jewels carries a special meaning. It brings about happiness, spiritual wholeness and health.

Jewish jewelry generally comes in geometric shapes and forms since it holds religious and spiritual significance and at the same time is symbolic. Unique in design it facilitates in upholding traditions and history. This jewelry is a combination of culture and fashion.

An assortment of jewish jewelry offered is Hasma hand, Solomon Seal, and Star of David. Made from precious metals like Sterling Silver, Pewter and gold, they make them personal and thoughtful gifts for the near and dear ones.

Jewish Jewelry carries pure meaning, spiritual upliftment and a touch of holiness along with loads of good wishes if gifted. They are a wonderful combination of beauty and faith.

Judiaca jewelry

The Hoshen in Judaica jewelry is inspired by Israel's rich historical past. It is based on the linen breastplate worn by Israel's High Priests. It is designed as a symbol of hope. It is a striking piece of jewelry that symbolizes Israel's culture and religion and is available in the form of pendants, earrings, broaches whice can be embedded diamonds.

Judaica jewelry holds a mystical significance and charm. Shaped like a square base set with twelve gemstones it is more than just a fashion accessory. Its stones serve as an expression of faith, heritage, culture and history.

Jewish Star of David jewelry

The Star of David is a six apex star, symbol of the Jewish nation and faith, which appears on the Israeli flag and in every synagogue.

The Star of David jewelry has a double signicance; it brings good fortune, wealth, joy as well as saving the wearer from misfortune. Especially the Jewish Star of David Necklaces are a unique symbol.

Bat mitzvah jewelry

A young girl becomes a Bat Mitzvah at age twelve in Jewish tradition. On this special occasion, a Jewish girl is to prepare herself for her household and family duties, thus she is presented with various gifts the most sought after being the bat mitzvah jewelry. Thus bat mitzvah jewelry holds special significance.

Kabbalah jewelry

A piece of jewelry like Jewish pendants offers specifically a mix of religion and fashion, the best of both and kabbalah jewelry is the answer.

Not only stylish but also known to ward off evil from the wearer and keep him/her away from misfortune diseases, poverty, and the evil eye.

There are several different fashionable styles available to choose from, the latest being interwoven with sterling silver. Kabbalah jewelry is durable and sturdy thus making them worthwhile purchases.

Hebrew Jewelry

Hebrew people are always adorned in an assortment of clothing and jewelry. Hebrew women don necklaces or bracelets formed with beads. The types of jewish jewelry like Hebrew Jewelry are the ‘rabiyd’, i.e., a necklace another is the ‘anaq’ and ‘saharon’, which are pendants shaped like a crescents.