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Hebrew has been the language of the bible and of the Jewish people for thousands of years. Ever since Israel has been established as a state and as the renewed home of the Jewish people, Hebrew has once again come to life as a spoken language and people from around the world began to learn Hebrew once again. Over the years Jews from around the world have desired to learn Hebrew. Understanding Hebrew has always been a key factor in Jewish studies and traditions. Many Jews wish to learn Hebrew in order to preserve their Jewish identity, while others wish to learn Hebrew for practical reasons such as getting around in Israel or in order to raise their level of bible studies.

Whatever your incentives are to learn Hebrew, there is a wide variety to choose from. Our site offers a user-friendly online Hebrew course geared towards people who wish to learn Hebrew on the net. Our site offers easy to understand, practical Hebrew lessons. Each unit deals with a different aspect of reading, writing and other uses of practical Hebrew. We believe that after reading through the lessons posted on our site you'll be able to make use of your Hebrew knowledge in many ways, such as managing conversations in Hebrew, reading Hebrew internet sites and following Israeli television and radio.

In addition to learning Hebrew through our user-friendly online course, there are several options which are available to anyone who wishes to learn Hebrew. Here are short descriptions of the main option for learning Hebrew:

Learn Hebrew via Internet

The internet is an amazing resource of information which can be utilized towards the goal of learning Hebrew. In addition to reading through our user friendly online Hebrew course, there are many ways to enhance your Hebrew knowledge by using the web. Try reading Hebrew internet sites. A short search through the net will provide you with Hebrew internet sites which deal with topics which interest you. Another popular way to learn Hebrew through the web is to find Hebrew videos with English subtitles. After a short while you'll notice that you're hardly reading the subtitles.

Learn Hebrew via Ulpan

an Ulpan is a Hebrew word which means studio, instruction or teaching. An Ulpan is a school or an institute for learning Hebrew by way of intensive courses. Courses given by Ulpans are usually meant for adults and are geared towards providing basic Hebrew conversational skills as well as an introduction to Israeli culture, geography and history. The Jewish agency runs Ulpans in Israel which help new immigrants learn Hebrew as well as integrate easily and quickly into life in Israel.

Learn Hebrew via Books

One of the most effective ways of learning a language is reading. Try reading books in Hebrew. Start out with short books and work your way to longer ones. Make sure to read books that interest you, in order to make sure you'll make it to the end of the book.

Our online Hebrew course is an ideal way to learn Hebrew. Thanks to our easy to use Hebrew course, with a short click of a button you can start learning Hebrew from the comfort of your own home.

Good Luck!