The 72 Names of God Jewelry

As a fundamental aspect of Jewish mysticism, the 72 Names of God can be displayed elegantly on contemporary jewelry to serve as a reminder of God’s intricate work.

The Importance of Kabbalah

Kabbalah is an aspect of Judaism that centers on God and the way His power works. Kabbala can be translated as “mysticism” or “occult knowledge,” which makes sense considering the mysteriousness of God’s ways. Kabbalists feel that a complete understanding of God’s essence is attainable, achieving the ultimate bond with God.

Many people refer to this aspect of Judaism as Jewish mysticism. Kabbalists feel that there is a strong relationship between God and humanity, and every human can reveal the hidden part of God in their soul. They also believe that the Creator and the Creation are one. They exist as a continuum.

The Zohar is a book containing mystical commentaries on the Torah written in Aramaic and Hebrew. It guides Kabbalists to achieve a stronger connection with God.

The 72 Names of God

In the book of Exodus, there is a powerful scene where Moses parts the Red Sea. Many people turn to the belief that God parted the sea to forge the path to freedom. However, some Kabbalists believe that it was Moses who harnessed his relationship with God and the higher realm through the 72 Names of God.

There are three verses in Exodus that explain the parting of the Red Sea. Each verse contains precisely 72 letters in the Hebrew version, of course. Letters can be arranged into different sequences, all consisting of three letters. These three-lettered names are the 72 Names of God, and for centuries, only a few Kabbalists understood that they could help strengthen your relationship with God and His power.

The three-letter names all represent a specific frequency in Jewish spirituality. In looking at the letters, closing your eyes, visualizing, and reflecting, you can achieve these frequencies.

Jewelry and the 72 Names of God

As the power of the 72 Names of God has risen in popularity in Jewish Kabbalist belief, so has jewelry containing the mystical symbols. Keeping the 72 Names of God close can serve as a reminder for a strengthened bond with God and His otherworldly and ultimate power. Contemporary culture tapped into the scene of wearing symbols and messages that inspire and empower us. Therefore, in wearing the 72 Names of God, you can hold a deep level of mysticism and connected with God.

72 Names Pendants

One of the more popular ways of showing your relationship with God is by wearing the 72 Names on a pendant. There are thousands of beautiful creations that display the Names exquisitely and respectfully. By wearing a pendant, you can also keep the 72 Names close to your heart, as a close reminder to continually reflect about God’s mighty power while you wear it.

The 72 Names Pendant 24k Gold Inscribed on Onyx Stone is a stunning display of the 72 Names. Inscribed in the center of a Star of David, the names are written in gold, which visually jumps out from the black onyx stone background.

The Gold-Plated Kabbalah Necklace 72 Names Heart Pendant is another visually stunning presentation of the names. In the center of a gold heart shape is a circular cut crystal with the Names inscribed. On the outline of the heart are eight zirconia stones.

  • The Gold-Plated Kabballah Necklace 72 Names Solitaire Pendant is a simpler presentation of the influential 72 names, but still captures the elegance and beauty of it all. A Swarovski crystal, set in a gold solitaire frame, has the 72 names inscribed in its center. It is a dazzling reminder of God’s high power and the mysteriousness of His work.