Yemenite Shofar

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Unlike regular shofars, the Yemenite Shofar is the ancient Shofar which was used during Rosh Hashanah for several decades. This is the traditional Jewish Shofar which was brought into Israel from Africa. Compared to most European shofars, the Yemenite Shofar is more spiraled and bigger in size.

Yemenite shofar appearance

The Yemenite shofar looks larger than its contemporary European counterparts do. It has a polished exterior from the mouthpiece to the middle portion. The rest of this Jewish Shofar has a natural finish and texture. The original color of the Shofar is retained across this portion.

What it is used for

The Yemenite shofar, like all Shofars is used to help Jews reflect on their poor deeds and repent on them. It is a method to promote one’s personal growth during the upcoming years ahead. Made of ram’s horns, this ancient Jewish shofar symbolizes religious faiths amongst all Jews.

How to pick the best Yemenite Shofar

If you are planning to buy a Yemenite Shofar, there are a few aspects, which you need to keep in mind. Never settle for the first shofar you see. It can be misleading. You must always ask plenty of questions. This will help you be more educated about the Jewish shofar and thus help in making more informed decisions.

You should never base your decision to buy a shofar based only on the size. The shofar may look small but what determines the size is the number of inches represented by a size. Most small sized Yemenite shofar pieces will measure between 26 and 29 inches while medium ones measure 30 to 33 inches and the large ones between 34 and 38 inches. You should always discuss the overall dimensions of the shofar.

There are thousands of stores, which offer shofar for sale. However, you should only pick sites, which offer high quality Jewish shofar. Never opt for a site, which claims the shofar makes many notes as many as 7 or 9! Another claim made by many sites, which offer shofar for sale, is that they tune the shofar themselves! There is no method by which a Yemenite shofar can be tuned. Only by altering the mouthpiece can this be accomplished.

Websites, which claim to offer you 100% money-back guarantee or which offer refund for the full amount are most likely fake. When you buy a shofar you should pick the Yemenite shofar having the biggest size. If you are an amateur, picking the bigger size helps because the mouthpiece will be larger thus facilitating easier playing. Larger sizes of Yemenite shofar also entail more tones or notes you can play on it. Many people may tell you that if you are a small person you should pick a small sized Jewish shofar and so on. This is not true. You can pick a large sized Yemenite shofar even if you are small. Make sure that the website sends you plenty of pictures of the shofar for sale. Quality is paramount when you buy a shofar so do not go by price alone!