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The art and tradition of Judaica was passed from father to son over four generations of the Gurkevitch family. Over the years, the family accumulated knowledge and understanding of the various aspects of Judaism and Jewish life. This site is the result of this knowledge.

Our hope is to bring our knowledge to everyone who wants to understand a bit more about the biblical significance of Jewish rituals and traditions. We intend to help you understand Judaism a little better through the connection between Jewish traditions and ritual artifacts and their biblical roots.

We invite you to learn more about our ancient heritage.

What is Judaica?

Judaica is any object or text used to practice and observe Jewish commandments, or celebrate and portray its customs, philosophy and way of life.

In the spirit of fulfilling a mitzvah with grandeur and splendor, artists have created magnificent works for Jewish ritual practices and themes that express their love for the beauty and richness of the Jewish tradition.

The Judaica Guide

This site will try to cover as many aspects of Judaism as we possibly can, specifically about our main area of expertise which is Judaica. We hope to help anyone who is looking for answers about these subject find what he seeks. We will add additional subjects every week, so you are welcome to come back and learn some more.

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"Leshana Haba'a Biyerushalayim!" "The next year, in Jerusalem!"