Diamond Engagement Rings

When it comes to engagement rings there is seldom anything that can beat the magic of diamonds. Gift your intended a diamond engagement ring and see the expression on his or her face. This expression is more valuable than any amount you spend on the ring. When you go to the market for a diamond engagement ring there are certain things you need to notice in the diamond and the shape of the diamond is perhaps the most important of them.

Diamond shapes in engagement rings vary largely. The most common and yet the most versatile shape is the round brilliant shape. This shape is the most brilliant of all diamond shapes and its sparkle superbly enhances the overall look of the ring. Round shaped diamond engagement rings have been in vogue for ages and they are still as popular as before.

An adaptation of the round brilliant diamond is the oval diamond. The magic of oval diamonds is that they look bigger than round diamonds of the same carat. This is due to the slightly oblong shape of the diamond. When you are looking for a ring with three stones, an oval diamond is the most preferred shape as the central stone.

Square shapes in diamonds are also very popular in engagement rings. This particular cut of the diamond is called the Princess Cut and it really gives a completely different aura to the entire ring. Usually the best quality diamonds are used for making the Princess Cut.

Those diamonds that have an elongated shape with pointed ends are called Marquise diamonds. These diamonds, when set on engagement rings, make the rings look fantastic. Marquise diamond engagement rings are perfect for those that have long and slender fingers. They look bigger compared to their carat and more suited to women than men.

The last among the top five shapes in diamond for engagement rings is the emerald cut shape. In this form of cut the points of the stone are rounded off so that they can be maintained. This cut is a step cut and hence, it requires extreme precision during its formative phase. If there is even a small perfection in an emerald cut diamond, it can be detected easily.

Some of the other popular diamond shapes in engagement rings include the pear shape, the heart shape, the cushion cut and the Asscher Cut. People tend to look at different cuts and shapes of diamonds now when they plan their engagement rings. And this is where these new cuts of diamonds are taking the limelight. The traditional cuts are, of course, as popular as they always have been.

If you want to make it special, look nothing at other than diamond engagement rings. These rings are simply out of the world