Five must see places when visiting the holy land in 2022

You want to book a flight to Israel, the holy land, you might have already packed your bags, you're that excited! but now the question is, how do you know what to see, smell and taste in such a rich country. Rich with history, rich with places to be, rich with flavors.

Israel is truly a place that you need more than a weekend to visit so the optimal solution to any traveler may it be in a group or solo is to find a good tour operators in Israel , A good tour operator knows where to go, where are the small hidden places, where are the best restaurant and street food, and where to find a good bargain.

Our top five best places to see in Israel

The Western Wall – the most sacred place in Judaism, the Western Wall is the last remnant of the Second Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. People pray at the wall in all hours of the day, you can also see people put tiny notes with wishes written on them into the wall's crevices. The notes are so many that they must be taken hourly, as part of Jewish tradition the notes are buried and considered sacred.

Hanging Gardens of Haifa – comprised of 19 terraces and over 1,500 steps up the mountain. The Gardens hold the shrine of Bab, where Bab, the founder of the Bahai faith is buried. The Gardens are one of biggest tourist attractions in the area.

Makhtesh Ramon – The Makhtesh is a geological marvel and the world's largest erosion cirque. The Makhtesh is 40 km long and 2-10 km wide, and 500 meters deep what makes considered Israel's largest national park.

Masada – This ancient fortification is not only an historical marvel with a great view, but also holds a great story of Jewish heroism. The area is considered a national park and is one of Israel's most popular places to visit.

Yad Vashem – is Israel's government official Holocaust Museum, the museum preserves the memory of all the people who were murdered under the Nazi regime during the Second World War. The museum is filled with stories, exhibits, advanced technology and emotion. More than a look into history's darkest moment the museum gives us an emotional experience that connects us into the present.