Israeli Diamond rings and Judaica

Diamond rings are extremely popular among the followers of Judaism as engagement rings and as wedding rings. Since these stones are considered to be extremely precious and valuable, they have acquired great importance as family heirlooms, reflecting the family traditions, culture, status and wealth.

Why the diamond is rings so popular?

The main reason behind the popularity of the diamond rings is the fact that diamonds have a unique optical property. When light falls on diamonds, it gets trapped within the complex, lattice structure and gets refracted. When the light gets emitted, it gets refracted into several colors. This factor is the sole reason why mankind has attached so much importance to these colorless stones.

Diamond is an allotrope of carbon. It is formed in a natural process when carbon containing compound objects is subject to certain extents of temperatures and pressures. These external factors like temperature and pressure facilitate the carbon atoms to rearrange themselves in a particular tetra hedral formation. This lends the diamonds a three dimensional structure. The carbon atoms are joined together with strong covalent bonds which accounts for the hardness of these rocks. This tetra hedral structure traps in the light and emits the light in various colors.

This unique optical characteristic of the diamonds, coupled with their hardness make the diamond rings extremely valuable and popular.

Where to buy the diamond rings from?

If you are a religious Jew and you want to buy a diamond ring for your loved one, then the best thing that you can do is to buy your ring directly from Israel. Israel has a long standing history of religion and culture. The rich cultural and the religious heritage are reflected in the various crafts and works of the Israeli artisans.

The diamond rings that are forged in jewelry stores of Israel contain various symbols related to the Judaica. Since the followers of Judaism are very religious and attach great importance to their religion, it is quite obvious that these rings are immensely popular among them. The most popular of these Judaica diamond rings is the Star of David diamond ring.

The seal of King David or the Star of David is the national emblem of the Jews. It reminds them of their ancient history, of their cultural and religious roots. The followers of Judaism would love to wear a diamond ring that has been cut to resemble the Star of David. Another Judaica symbol that is also popular is the Chai. The Jews consider the Chai symbol to be a talisman and therefore a Chai diamond ring is also extremely popular among them.

Before buying these rings an individual should keep one thing in mind. While these Judaica rings can be bought as gifts for the loved ones, when it comes to weddings, generally the traditional diamond rings are preferred as engagement or wedding rings.