judaica diamond pendants

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Going by the old saying that diamonds are considered to be a woman’s best friend, diamond jewelries can be the best gift that a man can gift his wife, wife-to-be, fianc?e or girlfriend. Gifting diamond jewelries like diamond rings, diamond necklaces, diamond earrings or even diamond pendants on special occasions like marriage anniversary or valentine day can work wonders in the love lives of the various people. Gifts can also be given on days other than these special occasions, as they say there is no special day for giving a gift. The very worth of a gift is realized especially if it is given as a surprise.

Various forms of diamond pendants

Buyers across the world feel that diamond pendants usually look very trendy if they are forged according to a particular symbol. The land of Israel is full of religious symbols that date back to the ancient times.

In modern times, the craftsmen of Israel have started incorporating those symbols as various designs. The most common use of these symbols such as the Star of David, the Hamsa and the Chai has been in case of jewelries. These symbols have deep religious significance in the Judaism and are called Judaica. Since these symbols are used as designs in the jewelries, these came to be known as Judaica jewelries.

The importance of Judaica diamond pendants

Since the Judaica symbols are incorporated as designs in these pendants, the Judaica diamond pendants acquire great importance to the followers of Judaism.

The Star of David diamond pendant comes in various attractive forms and sizes. In most of the cases, the frame work of the Star of David is forged in a precious metal like gold, platinum or sterling silver. The diamonds are then embedded on this framework. a buyer can choose from a single Star of David pendant, a Star of David embedded within a Hamsa hand or a Star of David pendant embedded with a Chai.

The Hamsa or the inverted palm is considered to be a talisman that protects against bad influence. Gifting of a Hamsa diamond pendant will make sure that your love life/married life will stay well guarded against evil influences. The pendants may either contain a single Hamsa hand or a Hamsa embedded within a bigger Star of David pendant.

The Chai diamond pendant has a more mystic appeal than the Hamsa pendant or the Star of David pendant. This is because the Chai is actually a Hebrew letter that stands for life. Being a Hebrew letter, the Chai pendants have become extremely popular with the teenagers. Wearing these diamond rings allow them to make a subtle fashion statement.

So if you have already decided to buy diamond pendants, make sure you buy it from a leading Judaica store. It is best to buy these rings directly from Israel, the land where the Judaica solely belongs. But then the net offers thousands of web portals dedicated to the Judaica jewelries from where you can get the diamond ring of your choice.