Name necklaces

The trend of wearing customized jewelry like Name necklaces has started way back in the past. Once people had recognized it as a fashion statement, they started it wearing these necklaces more often. These days, customized jewelry is high in demand. More and more people prefer to wear customized jewelry in one form or other. Personalized name necklace is one of the forms of it. It helps to create an astounding fashion statement.

It is since the eighties that Name necklaces have made its first imprint in the fashion industry. But it was the daily soap “Sex and the city” that raised its bar and made it popular. It was as if every second person wanted to flaunt a personalized necklace with engraved name as pendant. It is all about expressing one’s personality and style. They are truly one-of-a-kind, and make a memorable gift for any occasion. These necklaces are especially ideal for loved ones. Nothing can express your feelings better than a personalized name necklace.

Hebrew name necklaces are available on sterling silver 925 or 14KT.This item comes within an economic price tag. All Hebrew necklaces with name and custom name necklaces with Jewish names are handmade in Israel. Gold name necklace in 14" (meant for children) and 16"- or 18"-sterling silver chain is included in the price at times. Master artisans are dedicated to handcrafting the finest gold necklaces. When the obvious questions of price, reliability and durability comes into question and personalized necklaces with name pendants are relatively cheaper than other personalized jewelry.

Silver name necklaces matches elegance with style in custom made silver chains. Necklaces in silver names are more in demand amongst the younger generation than other metal, mostly because of its trendy look and as an anytime and anywhere wearable item. It is a jewelry yet not so loud in its outlook. These are great personal gifts and are found in different varieties

  • Flower Design
  • Vertical Design Double thickness
  • Personalized two Hebrew necklace
  • Hanukkah designs
  • Silver Couples Heart
  • Carrie style name necklace
  • Name necklaces silver or gold plated, etc.

Most of the jewelry shops offer the service of making this customized jewelry for their customers. The only drawback what you get from these shops is the less variations in design and style. Most of these shops have selected designs out of which one has to choose the best and customize the jewelry accordingly.

Personalized jewelry has always been a favored item as it can create an amazing fashion statement. These necklaces with names are easy to make at home. One just needs a little creativity in order to make one’s own elegant little jewelry at home. Using beads, threads and nameplates made of silver or gold or other metal one can easily make their very own name necklace. Such custom name necklace gives a feeling of satisfaction and also carries with it the personal taste of the owner.