Roman glass jewelry

Roman glass jewelry is handmade by the finest artisans from the Mediterranean region and sold in exclusive retail stores. The beauty of these ancient glass jewelries is simply aesthetic in nature with its incredible combination of colorful coating over a rare piece of glass.

When combined with precious metals such as gold and silver, it creates a marvelous piece of jewelry. It is found in Israel in the Judean desert and sold here mostly as an antique glass. In today’s modern market Roman Glass is used in all varied items of jewelry, which includes:

  • Roman glass bracelets
  • Roman glass earrings
  • Roman glass cufflinks
  • Roman glass pendants
  • Roman glass rings
  • Roman glass necklaces

Roman Glass Bracelets are simply irresistible. They are the perfect adornment for a beautiful wrist. The Champagne quartz bracelet are plain and modern smoked quartz silver bracelet showcasing typical Yemenite design and most sought after by customers.

Roman Glass Earrings are the perfect present for loved ones. They come in a great amount of designs. The Silver Roman Glass Filigree Chandelier Earrings made by an authentic Yemenite artist in Israel and the Jerusalem gate are the most striking designs available in the market.

Roman Glass Cufflinks are a rare combination of Jewish history and an ancient colored glass. These glass cufflinks come in a variation of shapes and styles. Roman Glass Cufflinks are made mostly using silver or gold. The most famous of the cufflinks are those which showcase the Star of David made by an authentic Yemenite.

Roman Glass Pendants are very unique as they show a special way to affiliate oneself with a group therefore many who desire to connect with the State of Israel or the Jewish nation its heritage and tradition choose Jewish Pendants. Some of the well known Jewish Pendants set with roman glass are: The Star of David, the Hamsa, the Mezuzah and even the pomegranate all set with stunning Roman glass.

Roman Glass rings are mostly wide and colorful and have their own splendor.

Roman Glass Necklaces are exquisitely designed and speaks of elegance and royal grandeur at the same time. The craftsmanship of the artist flawlessly embed the glass in perfect designs molded with gold, silver, brass and copper.

Roman glass jewelry shop: Bluenoemi, National geographic store, Baltinester etc. sell the best ethnic roman glass jewelry. People from across the world visit the store for most exquisite designs.

Roman glass jewelry portrays true amalgamation of modern art and history in the most marvelous way and with its exclusivity it has made its mark in the world’s jewelry market. You can also find contemporary designs in Roman glass jewelry that are loved by all. At times they have lights inside that sparkle at night to create special effects.