Tallit Clips

The functional purpose of the Tallit clips makes it an important accessory among the Jewish people. Jewish people recite blessings wearing a prayer shawl or we can say that whenever a Jew wears a tallis he has to recite a blessing. If by any chance the tallis falls off his shoulder while reciting the blessing he has to do it again. So it is of utmost importance that the clips hold the shawl in its place to avoid any sort of inconvenience. So, mostly for its practical utility the clips are so much in demand.

These tallit clips are available in variety of designs, both jeweled and non jeweled. It does not fail our notice that certain changes are visible in the design on the tallits or tallilot. Today, the tallit no longer has to sport bland colors, due to the liberal attitude of the Jewish authorities. This is not forbidden by the mitzvah, or even by Jewish authorities, although the user should of course practice restrain and common sense when choosing the designs on the tallits.

Many Jews use tallit clips for its convenience. It also adds color and character to otherwise bland prayer shawls. . The designs of the clips for tallits include gold mesh, floral designs, and inset with Swarovski crystals. These accessories also come in different colors. From bright colors to pastel shades clips are available in huge ranges.

There are many family owned antiques amongst the Jewish community, but none are so cherished or special as the Judaica items. The Judaica items are part of their legacy. Generation after generations carry on this legacy. The older generation passes on these items to the younger generation in order to carry their Jewish legacy forward. These are the pieces that are often being sold as older people are dying off and younger family members might need the money due to the state of today's economy. There are various Judaica items put up for sale:

  • Kosher Kiddush wine/grape juice,
  • teffilin,
  • mezuzot,
  • shabbat candles,
  • yartzeit (memorial) candles,
  • kosher meat, etc.

The Judaica Items are mostly used in ceremonies like marriages and other religious rituals. They are costly and therefore are often sold to avoid economic crisis.

Most of the Jewish tallit clips look like jeweled accessories used by women, but this item can be used by both genders. Though tallit clips have grave religious importance amongst Jewish people now can undermine its practical utility. For this purpose clips are also becoming popular gift items. Symbols and alphabets major in the designs of tallit clips. From simple alphabets to jeweled symbols all are equally sought after by the people. Today, though of no religious importance these clips have acquired the place of an important accessory in the daily ritual of the Jewish people.