Girl Tallit - Woman's Tallit

The Girl Tallit is growing more popular over the years becasue of recent gender equality trends in religion in general and in Judaism in particular. Now days it is becoming more and more common to see women wearing Woman's Tallit during religious services.

Wearing a Tallit is a public decleration of one's devotion to God. According to Judaims anyone can wrap himself with a prayer shawl, as well as women. Women, however, do not wear a Tallit as often as men do. Up until recently, before egalitarianism was introduced into Judaism, women were not allowed to wear a tallit at all. In recent times this has changed, and women can now wear a prayer shawl if they choose so, but they are not required to do so.

Women's Tallit according to the Torah

It is said in the Torah that every Jew should wear a Tzitzit (or fringes) on their garments. The Talmud tells us that Reb Yehuda attached Tzitziot to the aprons of the women in his household. The passage from the Talmud says: "All must observe the law of tzitzit, Cohanim, Levites and Israelites, converts, women and slaves." According to this passage, women do are not required to wear a Tallit, but they are required to wear a Tzitzit.